The Inclusion has a great balance between functionality and aesthetics.

This new catamaran is designed for simplicity, safety and comfort. Additionally, she’s very accessible and invites wheelchair users to come onboard.

Considering that everyone is different, the Inclusion is the ideal boat for sailing together with your family, friends or club members. Everyone has a place onboard - teamwork makes the sailors' differences valuable.  Whether for day-sailing or local cruises, for racing or sailing schools, the Inclusion fits all programmes. Furthermore, she can be used as a motorboat and be transported anywhere on a trailer.

The Inclusion will always offer an exciting way of sailing!

Boat Details 
Length overall: 6.8m
Hull length:  6.5m
Beam overall: 3.99m
Hull beam: 0.8m
Draf: 0.8m
Lightweight: 1100kg
Mainsail: 18m2
Jib: 6m2


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